Please notice, that due to the current corona-situation courses are not possible. We hope that we can continue with the course program fall this year.


All offered courses can also be booked as individual events, for example for birthday parties, team events for companies or bachelorette/stag parties. Ask for specific information.

Macaron course

Immerse yourself in the secrets of macaroon baking. In this course you will learn how to make the popular and sophisticated French specialty yourself. Together we go through all the steps and will produce different varieties ourselves. Get to know useful tips, tricks and recipes to later bake the little delights at your home. Each participant can end up taking about 20-30 macarons back home.

 Small group of maximum 10 people.   

Duration approx. 3-4 h 

Price: 120 € (includes welcome drink and other drinks, apron and recipes)

Course language: German 

Next dates:

  • March 15th, 2020, start: 11 am – fully booked –
  • April 17th, 2020, start: 5 pm – fully booked –
  • May, 28th, 2020, start: 5 pm
  • June 7th, 2020, start: 11 am – fully booked –
  • June, 18th, 2020, start 5 pm

Pastry course

In this course you will learn some of the sweet secrets of French pastry art.

Together we will produce two different types of pastries or tartlets. Get to know tips, tricks and useful background knowledge from Anna Reckmann to be able to redo the sweet pastries successfully at your home. The recipes vary according to the season.


At the end of the day, each participant will take home the produced pastries and of course the recipes.


Duration: about 4 (-5) h

Price: 99 € (including welcome drink, cold and warm drinks and recipe booklet)

maximum 10 participants

Next dates:

  • April, 19th, 2020, start: 11 am – fully booked –
  • May, 15th, 2020, start: 5 pm – fully booked –

Premium course pastry

Have you always wondered how to realize a nice glossy mirror glaze or a perfect airy and light mousse yourself? In this exclusive pastry workshop we are going to answer these and other questions. In a small group of maximum 6 participants you will learn all steps necessary to realize your own delicacies. Each participant can choose to make his won Entremet (French mousse cake) or several small Petits Gateaux. With professional guidance you will do all the steps yourself and you will proudly go home with your own, self-made and decorated cake.

The recipes vary seasonally.

Duration approx. 4 (-5) h 

Price: 149 € (includes welcome drink and drinks, own apron and recipes)

Next date:

  • Feb, 16th, 2020, Start 11:00 am – fully booked –

maximum 6 participants


Workshop Eclairs

The various and deliciously filled puff pastry is enjoying increasing popularity in France, its country of origin, and in the rest of the world. This is not only because of its delicate texture, but also because of the many variations that are possible.  Together we will do all steps to produce different varieties of eclairs. Get to know the diversity possible, but also tips and tricks for making your own eclairs.

Duration: approx. 3 (-4) hours 

Price: 99 €

Next dates:

  • April 26th, 2020, start: 11 am

Of course, all prescriptions as well as the produced eclairs can be taken home. Welcome champagne, drinks and apron are included.

maximum 10 participants


Small chocolates course

In this course you will learn simple methods to make chocolates and truffles yourself. In a small group of maximum 10 people we will produce different types of hollow body pralines and hand-rolled truffles. The price includes a welcome drink, drinks and recipes. The produced chocolates may of course be taken home.

Duration: about 3 hours 

Price: 89 € (including welcome drink, drinks and recipes)

Next dates will follow after summer time (fall 2020)


Extended chocolates course

Get a deeper insight into the making of chocolates. Together we will produce chocolates with different methods (hand-rolled truffles, dipped chocolates and filled truffles). Learn what is important to know and how to pre-crystallize chocolate perfectly in order to prevent them becoming grey. At the end of an exciting day, you will take home the chocolates along with useful tips and tricks from the professional. Including welcome drink, drinks, lunch snack, recipe booklet and own apron.

Duration approx. 6 h 

Price: 149 € (including welcome drink, drinks, lunch snack, recipe booklet and own apron)

Next dates will follow after summer time (fall 2020)


Company event chocolates and chocolate Let your team event be a special experience for your employees or business partners. Whether as a Christmas party, team excursion, or another occasion, together with Anna Reckmann you create different types of chocolates. In a program tailored to your individual wishes, we will produce different chocolates and chocolate creations, which you can then taste and take home with you.

Duration: 3 h 

Price: from 50 € net per person (max 15 persons) 

Dates according to arrangement.

This event can only be booked as a group. Possible failures of participants will not be refunded.

Would you like to sweeten your friend’s hen party or bachelor party with a special chocolate event? Then the JGA event at the Anna-Reckmann chocolate lab is exactly the right choice. With lots of fun and a good mood we will make different kinds of chocolates and chocolate specialties ourselves and decorate them nicely. Of course, you can take them home with you. Look forward to a chocolaty and special afternoon.

Duration: about 3 hours 

Price: depending on number of participants from 55 € 

maximum 15 participants 

Dates according to arrangement

All prices include 19% VAT.

We reserve the right to cancel the course at short notice if there are not enough participants registered.


Course location:

Pâtisserie Anna Reckmann Linkstraße 37 65933 Frankfurt am Main Deutschland