Ingredients, shelf life & storage

The selection of ingredients is very important to us. So we are processing fresh ingredients, home-grown herbs and may organic ingredients. For example, all our macarons and pastries are made exclusively with organic eggs. Of course, we completely abstain from additives such as artificial flavorings, artificial colors or preservatives. For this reason, our delicacies should also be consumed as fresh as possible.


Should be consumed as fresh as possible,within 3-4 days. Storage should be cool and dry. Ideally, the macarons are packaged airtight, in a bag or food container, and stored in the refrigerator at 4-7 ° C. It is advisable to let the macarons reach room temperature before consumption, as the aromas can develop even better.


Our chocolates are made by hand from fresh ingredients and without preservatives. They should best be enjoyed freshly, but definitely within 3-4 weeks. The ideal storage temperature for chocolates is 14-16 °C, or 16-18 °C for pure chocolate products. Therefore it is recommended to store them in a cool room like a storage room or odorless basement room. The fridge is too cold.


The pastries should always be enjoyed freshly, preferably on the day of purchase or the following day. Storage should take place odorless in the refrigerator at 4-7 °C.