Anna Reckmann

Pâtisserie is like alchemy:
it is the art of bringing diverse substances together and transform them into something new and wonderful...

...and thus it was only a natural step for me to leave chemistry behind and dive into the world of Pâtisserie.

Already as a child I loved to spend ages in the kitchen. It was THE place for me and my creativity. Here I could unfold my talents and nourish them further. I was also attracted to analyse the world and its details, I tried to imitate things and improve them. This interest guided me to chemistry and I made it my first career. 

However, the same interest always kept me close to the world of delicious spices, foreign tastes and yet unknown combinations of food, too. And thus I dared, finally, to commit myself to this world completely. With all my curiosity and passion set on one goal, I went to Paris to dive even deeper into the art of pâtisserie and chocolaterie. And I came back with much more than a craft thoroughly learned, I found an even stronger appreciation for food and good ingredients. 

Today I am happy to invite you to follow me on my culinary journey of pleasures.

My Inspirations

A never ending curiosity has pushed me as a scientist further and further. And it is this curiosity that drives me today to create new combinations and flavours. 

I am constantly on the hunt for inspiration, interesting ingredients and new aroma combinations. Partly I gather information by monitoring global trends, partly I find new input during my journeys. My products reflect my experience and I aim to combine the best from cultures and cuisines around the world into new refined delicacies.  

Unique sensations of taste

It is my objective to combine familiar flavours with less known ones and create unique sensations of taste. Beyond that, I value a balanced presentation of taste, texture and appearance. 

 Classic delicacies are presented with high technical precision and interpreted anew in fancy combinations. You will also find yet unknown creative compositions with unique tastes. 

 Wonderful aromas should always be dominating in my creations, not a mere sense of sweetness. That is why I am economical with sugar.
"At no other time has nature concentrated such a wealth of valuable nourishment into such a small space as in the cocoa bean."
Alexander v. Humboldt

Best Ingredients

I am constantly searching for the best ingredients to create premium products. Natural ingredients of highest quality will be selected with care and processed according to their season and their demands on freshness. As a matter of course, I am not using any artificial or nature-identical aromas.

Individual Manufacturing

All products are created individually and with highest precision. The final touch is done with the highest accuracy and love for details. Only top ingredients processed in a suitable way are chosen for this step.
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