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Unfortunately, we have no sales at Kleinmarkthalle in the moment. You can pick up everything at Linkstraße 37, Frankfurt. Make your reservation and find all products in the online-shop.

NEW! Shopping directly in the lab:  September - December 2018 on the following dates:

Sept. 8th, Oct. 13th, Nov. 10th, Nov. 24th, Dec. 8th, Dec. 22nd, Dec. 24th

11-16 h (Dec. 24th 9-11h)

Next dates:

Street Food Festival: Sept. 01st/02nd Sep: Schlachthof Wiesbaden

Kulinart: Oct. 27th-28th, Frankfurt

Markt der Chocolatiers: Nov. 14th-18th, Cologne

Ladenburger Adventslust: Nov. 22nd - 24th, Pflanzenhandel Huben Ladenburg

Christmas Market at Weingut Flick: Nov. 30th - Dec. 2nd, Flörsheim-Wicker

Christmas Market: Dec. 08th/09th, Burg Kronberg

All products can be reserved and picked up at Linkstraße 37, Frankfurt.

Unique sensations of flavours.

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Only selected and high quality ingredients can lead to excellent products.

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As „alchemist of good cuisine“ I always try to combine different ingredients to unique experiences of flavour.

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Are you looking for special dessert experiences?Book our special offers for your event

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Accompany us on a journey of tastes and pleasure for all senses.Order now fresh pastries, macarons and handmade chocolates!

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„No pleasure is fleeting, for the impression it leaves behind is permanent“

J.W. von Goethe