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Precious time out from everyday life
Anna Reckmann's tartlets are small works of art that shimmer like jewels in the display of the Frankfurt pâtisserie. They are precious in the truest sense of the word, because it's hard to choose between the exquisite shapes and colours - you want to taste them all. One thing is certain: all of Anna Reckmann's tartlets provide a little time-out from everyday life.

In terms of flavours, there is a tartlet for everyone, whether it is to seduce a chocolate lover or a fruit worshipper. Different textures from crunchy, to crispy, to soft bring exciting moments to the mouth. The taste compositions are also surprisingly different than expected. In the tartlets, too, you can taste the finely combined flavours that Anna Reckmann, as a doctor of chemistry and trained pastry chef, brings to her creations.

The original tartlets are a treat for the palate and adapt to the seasons. In autumn and winter, for example, creations made of cassis, chestnut, sea buckthorn or pumpkin shine in the display case. In the summer, berries, lemon or mango are more popular.

Very popular in all seasons is the raspberry-lemongrass tartlet, which combines a tempting mousse of cream, white chocolate, egg yolk and lemongrass with a raspberry fruit centre and is covered in wafer-thin white chocolate. Among Anna Reckmann's tartlet creations, there are also vegan or gluten-free alternatives. As with all products, Anna Reckmann makes sure to use the best, preferably seasonal and regional ingredients where possible. All the tartlets are available in the pâtisserie boutique in Frankfurt's Westend.

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