Macarons à la Anna Reckmann

Colourful taste explosions with bite
Parisian-style macarons have long since conquered the world. The delicate, colourful double slices with a layer of cream in between, as made for the first time by Laduree, taste simply heavenly. Beneath the wafer-thin, smooth crust is a moist, creamy filling that melts in your mouth. 

Anna Reckmann has a deep passion for the colourful Parisian-style macarons and has been establishing them in Frankfurt am Main since 2017. With years of training in well-known Parisian pâtisseries, she put the crown on her doctorate in chemistry and produces the colourful double discs with aromatic ganache filling in her own manufactory. During production, she pays special attention to the powdery quality of the almond flour for a delicate, crunchy coating. They are coloured with natural dyes from the juice of fruits and vegetables. Even after baking, the pastel shades remain. For the cream filling inside, Anna Reckmann invents unique taste creations, true to her philosophy of combining familiar and unusual flavours.

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The secret of the colourful macarons

Only the best ingredients are used, such as Sicilian lemons and pistachios or hazelnuts from Piedmont or green sauce herbs from Frankfurt. The result is a tart, fruity and wonderfully aromatic ganache cream that perfectly complements the meringue coating. One bite triggers a true taste explosion in the mouth. Popular creations include matcha and black sesame, pear-ginger-pink pepper, coconut-kaffir-lime or green sauce-herbs. These are just a few of the bold combinations from Pâtisserie Anna Reckmann.

The colourful macarons, along with other handmade delicacies, are available at the Anna Reckmann pâtisserie boutique, at Reuterweg 69, in Frankfurt's Westend district, or at the Online-Shop. The small café belonging to the shop received the "Best Café in Hesse" award from the gourmet magazine "Der Feinschmecker" in autumn 2021.

A brief history of macarons

Macarons probably originated in Sicily, where almond pastries such as amarettini have a long tradition, and the name is also derived from an Italian word: either from (am)maccare (to crush or squash) or from the Venetian word "macarone" (fine dough). To the Italian island, Arab troops from what is now Tunisia also brought new and foodstuffs such as lemons, rice and pistachios when they occupied in 827. Among them were sweets based on nuts or almonds, for example Fālūdhaj, a pastry with sweet almond cream inside. The recipe is said to have been handed down from Persia, where the pastry was served to celebrate the New Year. In the online magazine "Slate", Dan Jurafsky, a linguistics professor at Stanford University, investigates the history of the delicate pastry.
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