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Leave the stress behind you and enjoy one hour of pleasure and taste with an assortment of various different chocolates.
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Immerse yourself in the secrets of macaroon baking. In this course you will learn how to make the popular and sophisticated French specialty yourself. Together we go through all the steps and will produce different varieties ourselves
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Have you always wondered how to realize a nice glossy mirror glaze or a perfect airy and light mousse yourself? In this exclusive pastry workshop we are going to answer these and other questions.
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Small chocolates course

In this course you will learn simple methods to make chocolates and truffles yourself. In a small group of maximum 10 people we will produce different types of hollow body pralines and hand-rolled truffles.
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Extended chocolates course

Get a deeper insight into the making of chocolates. Together we will produce chocolates with different methods (hand-rolled truffles, dipped chocolates and filled truffles). Learn what is important to know and how to pre-crystallize chocolate perfectly in order to prevent them becoming grey.
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Pastry course - Tartelettes

Do you know the secrets of the small deliciously crispy French tartelettes? In this workshop, we will make different types of tartelettes together - some with deliciously creamy fillings, others with airy, fluffy and fruity fillings.
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