Light and airy cakes by Anna Reckmann

Creamy topping for every festive table
Cakes are the crowning glory of any celebration, whether it's a milestone birthday or a wedding. They should look splendid, but also taste wonderful and not be heavy on the stomach after a sumptuous menu.

Anna Reckmann's cakes have a pleasantly light consistency: because they are made of almond sponge cake, which is only made of almonds, egg whites and a little sugar. Anna Reckmann composes the filling from the finest fruit compotes, for example strawberry, raspberry or passion fruit. An inner crunchy layer of caramelised almonds or nuts with chocolate gives the cake a further texture and a taste experience that is as exciting as it is round. The delicacies are coated with a firm mousse of white or dark chocolate, flavoured with lemongrass or other exciting spices.

The ingredients can be individually adapted to the wishes of the birthday or bridal couple. A wedding cake does not have to be classically white, but can have a red, yellow or purple icing to match the fruit filling and decoration.

The birthday cakes can be pre-ordered in two different sizes. Anna Reckmann's wedding cakes are served on a multi-tiered étagère, come with simple decorations and are a real feast for the eyes. All Anna Reckmann cakes are light and not too sweet. Individual cake creations should be ordered in advance.

Your dream cake in just a few steps

Please briefly describe your request and your ideas. If you need support in finding ideas, we will of course be happy to help you. We can certainly make you a suitable proposal.

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