Finest chocolate chocolates from Anna Reckmann

Chocolates from Frankfurt set the gold standard
Anna Reckmann's chocolates are something very special. Some varieties have already won several awards at the International Chocolate Awards. The praline variety Rosemary Olive Oil was awarded the highest rating of Gold. The varieties Chocolate Passion Fruit, Apricot Black Sesame, Black Sesame Nougat, Ginger Marmel Cashew were awarded Silver. Fig Leaf, Egg Liqueur Almond Crisp, Soy Sauce Caramel Sesame received Bronze.

You can already guess it from the names: Anna Reckmann's chocolates also taste so incomparably good because they combine surprising flavours. Anna Reckmann uses the finest chocolates from Valrhona to make them. For the fillings, cream is flavoured with the finest ingredients and then covered in crisp dark chocolate. The original compositions are the result of combining the highest art of pâtisserie with chemistry. Because before Anna Reckmann learned the pâtisserie craft in Paris, she completed her chemistry studies with a doctorate and worked for several years in the management of a large chemical company.

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Confiserie craft learned in Paris

pâtisseries and graduated from the leading gastronomy school Ferrandi (CAP Pâtisserie). She works with the best raw materials and pays attention to originality, naturalness and organic quality.

A visit to the Pâtisserie Anna Reckmann in Frankfurt's Westend turns every day into a festive day. Try the praline creations on site in the pâtisserie boutique or simply order them online at Shop.
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